We’ve got classes for you.

For Beginners:

  • Wednesday, 5:30pm, Level 1Mat with Krista

  • Wednesday, 10am Wunda Chair & Mat Mixed Level with Krista

  • Friday, 9am Reformer Level 1 & 2 with Linzey

  • Thursday, 1pm Level 1 Mat with Sophia

  • Saturday, 10am Reformer Level 1 & 2 with Krista

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Sign Up Note: We care deeply about safety. For Classical classes and classes labeled Level 2 or higher, we ask that new clients obtain teacher permission to join class. This may require an in-person level assessment and/or at least one private session. Please call us at 510-499-5559 or email montclairvillagepilates@gmail.com with inquiries or to request an assessment.




About Small Group Training

At MVP, our groups are limited to 5 students per class…so it feels more like a semi-private than a standard “Group Class.” You’ll get lots of individual attention and corrections that will make an important difference in your practice.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of offerings for all levels…from deliberately-paced stability-focused sessions, to fast-paced, fitness-based workouts.

Small Group Classes work best for healthy, non-injured bodies. Before joining a group, we highly recommend taking a few one-on-one Private Sessions with one of our experienced teachers to get the feel for the equipment, ensure your safety, and troubleshoot any potential challenges. For Classical classes and classes labeled Level 2 or higher, we ask that new clients obtain teacher permission to join class.

PLEASE READ REGARDING SIGN-UPS: Online class signups cut off 4 hours before class.  The best way to get a spot in class is to sign up more than 4 hours ahead of time. If you are trying to sign up within 4 hours of class, please call 510-499-5559 or email us, and we will try to get you into the class. You may try to drop-in to classes without signing up, with the understanding that there may not be a space for you.


  • Single Small Group Class: $40.00

  • 6-Pack of Small Group Classes: $210

  • 10-Pack of Small Group Classes: $330

  • New Client Group Special: Buy 3 Classes, Get 1 Free: $120.00 (one-time purchase, only for new clients)


Class Level Guide

Our class levels have gotten more specific! Want more details? Read our MVP Levels Guide here.

  • Level 1: Fundamental Pilates principles, exercises and breath; apparatus safety and operation

  • Level 2: Advanced Beginner/Low Intermediate

  • Level 3: Intermediate

  • Level 4: High Intermediate/Advanced

  • Level 5: Super Advanced/Teacher/Master Level


Class Descriptions


Pilates Mat Technique

  • Level 1: Thursday, 1pm

  • Level 1: Wednesday, 5:30pm

  • Level 4 : Thursday, 12pm

This is no ordinary mat class. Take a Mat Technique class and learn why Mat Work is the foundation–of the Pilates Method. You will learn the intention and sequence of Joseph Pilates’ original mat exercises, as well as benefit from eagle-eyed adjustments and additional preparatory exercises that will make a marked difference in your body alignment, posture, and strength. Some props may be used, but this is mainly a body-weight-based workout. 

Interested in another Mat Class? Email us!

Classical Reformer

  • Level 3 & 4: Monday, 6pm

  • Level 2 & 3: Monday, 7pm

This class follows the original order of reformer exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. It incorporates rhythm, dynamic movement and flow through transitions so as to build the stamina and breath capacity required for this level, as well as the continued advancement of the Method. Fewer points of contact and increased range further add challenge. Students must be in charge of working with the equipment and able to modify as needed to get the full benefit. Knowledge of the classical beginning Reformer work is required.

Contemporary Reformer

  • Level 1 & 2: Saturday, 10am

  • Level 1 & 2: Friday, 9am

  • Level 2: Saturday, 9am

The Pilates reformer repertoire is complemented by exercise variations, nontraditional order, and new exercises that add creativity and variety, while honoring the high quality movement standards set by Joseph Pilates.  

Pilates Power Hour

Currently not on our schedule but we're happy to add as there is demand.

Looking to step up your Pilates game? Want a challenging, fitness-focused, Pilates-based workout? This is the class for you. A circuit-style workout that combines intermediate-level Reformer work, cardiovascular intervals on the Jumpboard, and potentially mat exercises and additional apparatus for a powerful combination that will leave you energized and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Note: This class is not appropriate for those with active injuries or new to Pilates.


Classical/ Contemporary Reformer

  • Levels 3 & 4: Tuesday,10:30am

  • Level 3: Thursday, 10am

This fast-paced, challenging reformer workout honors the precision, flow, and intention of the original Pilates method, with thoughtful contemporary additions and variations. This class is a great match for students striving to advance their practice.

PREREQUISITES: Students should be familiar with the mechanics of the reformer, as well as have substantial practice in the fundamental and intermediate reformer repertoire. Knowledge of classical order is not required, but helpful. This class is not suitable for those with active injuries or health conditions.

Classical Mat & Reformer (alternates weeks)

Level 1 & 2: Tuesday, 5pm

This class alternates between Reformer and Mat work on a weekly basis; students The classical work incorporates more rhythm, dynamic movement and flow through transitions so as to build the stamina and breath capacity required, as well as the continued advancement of the Method.

In the Level 1/2 class, students will learn how to be in charge of working with the equipment, gain a basic knowledge of the choreography on both the Mat and Reformer, as well as how to modify as needed, and will gain the strength required to advance through the classical method. At least one private session is required. Level 3 is a flowing intermediate-level class and students must be familiar with the classical choreography, transitions, and order of exercises.

Please read our Levels Guide to determine if this is an appropriate class for you.


Introduction to Pilates

This is a 4-to 6-week workshop we conduct a couple of times per year. Our most recent series has finished.

Request a new series!

A perfect way to get started with a Pilates practice, or a great option for those who have been out of the Pilates game for a while.

Stay tuned for new workshop dates; please call or email if you're interested in joining an Intro workshop!

If you can find at least 2 friends who want to commit to at least 4 weeks in a row, we'll schedule a series just for you! 

Group Class Policies

  • All classes are 55 minutes long.

  • Sign Up: Small group classes have a 1-person minimum. If no one has signed up for class within 4 hours of class time, class is considered cancelled. Online signups cut off 4 hours before class time.

  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy: To be fair to our instructors’ schedules and to have available times for other clients to schedule appointments, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If your appointment/class reservation is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or for no shows, we charge the full fee.

  • Morning Classes (10am and earlier): Require at least one person to be signed up by 10pm the night before class. If no one has signed up by 10pm, class is considered cancelled.

  • Drop-in clients are welcome in group class, as long as there is space available.

  • Please arrive to class on time. If a client arrives to class 10 minutes or more late, our teachers may need to ask you to refrain from joining class–we care about your safety and the safety of your fellow clients!

  • If it’s your first time with us, please arrive a few minutes early to fill out our intake form. You are also welcome to fill it out ahead of time and bring it with you.

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