At MVP, we are proud of our team of experienced Pilates and movement teachers. Our teachers come from diverse Pilates backgrounds and lineages, including Classical, Contemporary, Rehabilitative, and sports-specific Pilates.

Each MVP teacher is a comprehensively-trained Pilates professional and Independent Contractor, with a unique style and approach to helping clients. Take a look at our profiles…we hope to find you a perfect match!

We are hiring!

Are you a Pilates teacher looking for a studio where you can teach and/or rent space? We are always interested in in meeting like-minded movement enthusiasts.

Email us: info@montclairvillagepilates.com.


Krista Knudsen Thomas

Krista’s motto is: work hard, be kind, and sweat regularly! She believes that movement is powerful for every body.

Krista's comprehensive training is from BASI Pilates. She is also Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certified. She has a degree in Theatre with a minor in Dance from UC Berkeley.

Krista has studied Pre-and Post-natal Pilates with Leah Stewart; Pilates for MS & Neurological Conditions with Mariska Breland; and Classical Pilates with Master Teacher Jennifer Kries.

Krista encourages curiosity and exploration, feeling the body producing movement from the "inside out," rather than trying to duplicate choreography--thus spending more time on the movement journey, rather than rushing to the destination.

Krista has always had a passion for supporting community health and wellness; she worked for Kaiser Permanente for 15 years, performing and producing free, theatre-based health education programs.

When she’s not practicing, teaching, researching, or dreaming about the Pilates, Krista loves to cook and take hikes with her favorite canine buddy, Miles. Her favorite hike so far is Half Dome—and she makes a fabulous vegan cheesecake!


Sophia Thorsen

Sophia’s goal is to give each person she works with a better understanding of how their unique body works, along with the skills they will need to take ownership of their physical well-being. “It’s a wonderful thing to watch a client use the Pilates Method to become stronger and more agile, and see them experience movement from a place of joy, rather then pain or frustration.”

Sophia has had the good fortune to work with a wide range of people over the years: Athletes, dancers, women who are pregnant and postpartum, those rehabilitating from injuries and surgery, as well as people with chronic conditions such as Parkinson's, rheumatoid arthritis, and scoliosis. While her training and foundation are solidly classical, she strives to meet each client as an individual, and remain fluid to their unique strengths and challenges.

Sophia graduated from the Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. in 2001, and has continued to find inspiration from continuing education with Amy Alpers, Rachel Segel, Debra Kolwey, Leah Wecksler, Kim Haroche, Cara Reeser, Amy Lange, Mimi Berger and Dean Juhan. She has also completed The Pilates Center Masters Program, and the Balanced Body Passing The Torch Mentorship Program with Amy Alpers. In 2017, Sophia became a Host Advisor for The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program. Sophia is also a Level I practitioner of NeuroKinetic Therapy.


Linzey Walker

Linzey has always been a kinesthetic learner. She has received a B.A. from UNC-Asheville in Women's Studies and Performativity and a Master of Liberal Studies through the University of MN, Twin Cities with emphasis in: Corporeal Theory, Performance, Pedagogy and Gender Studies. Her love for teaching has expanded across all fields and into diverse populations.

With a background in social work and education and a passion for healing and holistic health, she has found that training others has allowed her to help people directly and allows for a connection between body worker and the person receiving body work.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine with a Women's Fitness Specialist certification. Through training others, she found that core was something almost every client struggled with. It was this realization that motivated her to pursue Pilates.

Linzey has completed STOTT Pilates intensive Mat and Reformer training through Blue Sparrow Pilates. She has a knack for pushing people while avoiding injury and making the workout a fun and playful experience.

Linzey loves (amongst many things): cats, swimming and laughing so hard it hurts.


Neiry Rojo

Neiry is currently on sabbatical.

Neiry is a certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor through Balanced Body at College of San Mateo. She was first introduced to Pilates in high school, but didn't pursue it regularly until quite a few years later.

Her focus is in Pilates is on alignment, concentration, and whole body balance.

Neiry enjoys theater, pretending to know how to dance (she's a master of the interpretive form), feeding her sourdough starter monster, and reading.

When not in a Pilates studio, Neiry is a working theater artist and youth educator.