Criss Cross on the mat

Criss Cross on the mat


We Are…

a friendly, intimate, fully-equipped Pilates studio in the Montclair Village neighborhood, nestled in the hills of Oakland, California. We provide the highest quality movement instruction in classical, contemporary, post-rehabilitative, and fitness Pilates. All bodies are welcome!

Our Mission...

is to be a positive force in our community, by sharing the Pilates Method–a smart, safe, healthy movement system that we can all use to take ownership of our own health.


We believe…

…that Pilates truly helps improve the quality of people’s lives.

You only get one body to live inside for all of your life. There are lots of ways to take care of your body…and we believe Pilates is among the best.

…in quality over quantity. 

We only offer privates, duets, and small group classes limited to 4 students each. We won’t make you do 100 reps…we’ll make you do 10 reps…with the very best form possible for YOUR unique body. You’ll still be challenged…and balanced!

…in making Pilates accessible. 

We offer discounts for educators, activists, performing artists, veterans, or anyone for whom price is a barrier. If that’s you, talk to us!

We also offer opportunities for work-trade if you're interested in helping out with studio operations. 

Email info@montclairvillagepilates.com about sliding scale rates and/or work-trade.

…in the value of diverse Pilates perspectives

We don't subscribe to a specific "style" of Pilates. We feature classical, contemporary, fitness-focused, and gentle/restorative styles of Pilates. Our teachers come from diverse Pilates backgrounds and training. However, we are all committed to the Pilates principles of breath, working from a strong center, control, precision, and whole-body movement, in order to create balance in the body, mind, and spirit.

...in YOU!

You have the power to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. And we're here to help.


Our Services


Our Teachers

Our teachers have been trained by the most prestigious training programs, from classical Pilates to contemporary Pilates, including Balanced BodyBody Arts and Science International (BASI)STOTT Pilates, and The Pilates Center of Boulder. Each of our teachers combines their own unique training with their own personal teaching style to give our clients the highest-quality movement experience possible.

Read our teachers' bios here.


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