November 2016: Open Studio Special Event

Open Studio Special Event at MVP


Friday, 11/11/2016

It’s been an eventful week, to say the least.

If you need a way to wind down–or even re-energize–with some movement, why not swing by Open Studio?

Open Studio is a time to move your body the way YOU need to. It’s a non-structured, 2-hour window of time for all the people of our wonderful community to breathe, move, sweat (maybe), heal, and be together. I will be facilitating, answering questions, spotting, and guiding, but as always, YOU are in control of your body and what it needs.

It’s FREE and open to all. If you’ve never visited us, we’ll need you to sign an intake form and liability waiver before you get moving.


Open Studio has been brewing in my consciousness since before I even had a studio to host it. I envision doing this again (hopefully many more times). So if you can’t make it this time, no worries. Join us at the next one.

Meanwhile, let’s keep moving and being kind to one another. SEE YOU AT OPEN STUDIO!




(Unfortunately Miles is already booked, so he won’t be in attendance.)

Miles in Reformer Room.jpg
Krista Knudsen Thomas