September 2016: New Programming at MVP

Fall is a perfect time for new beginnings. Especially in the Bay Area!

September and October are our most beautiful months. The sun is shining, the days are still long(ish), the air is crisp but not cold, and the hiking is great! I always get a much-needed boost of motivation from the first days of September.

This fall at MVP, we’ve got lots of exciting new developments…and even more brewing! Here’s what we can officially announce:

  • Our Baker’s Dozen Private Session Special: Available Now.

    Buy 12 privates at regular price, get the 13th free! (That’s $960 for 13 sessions…$73.85 per session, if you want to get specific.) What a deal! And a great way to motivate yourself to take care of your body. 6-month expiration…as long as you average 2 sessions per month, you’ll finish these sessions with time to spare.

  • Independent Practice Memberships: Launching October 1.

    Are you non-injured, motivated, and have been practicing Pilates for at least one year? Do you want a consistent Pilates routine that you can do with some supervision, at convenient times?Independent Practice may be a good match. We provide you with a list of exercises suited to your body, and you do your workout! (This is how the Joe and Clara Pilates’ original studio was run, BTW.) At least one teacher will be on duty to troubleshoot/cue & spot/help with transitions, but this is mostly a self-directed practice.

    Cost: 10 hours per month for $180. Available Hours: to be determined. Teacher permission is required to participate in this program. Interested? Email, or talk to Krista or your teacher next time you’re in the studio!

…And here are some “Teasers” of what’s to come:

  • Group Class on Friday mornings…yay!
  • Mat Class? We’re working on it!
  • Pilates for Hikers? So. Excited. (Hint: The Chair is involved.)
  • New website? Yep, we’re doing that, too!

Ok, bye for now, we’ve got a lot to do!


Krista Knudsen Thomas