Top 10 Reasons Pilates is the SMARTEST Workout You Can Do

At MVP, we think Pilates is the SMARTEST workout you can do. Just in case you were wondering why...we've put together this list!

1.    It encourages BALANCE in multiple ways.

All Pilates workouts are designed to balance the muscles, so that weak muscles become stronger and overly dominant muscles learn to release and let others contribute. Additionally, many of the exercises within the Pilates system are designed to challenge you to quite literally hold your balance without falling! (Of course, your teacher will make sure to choose a safe and appropriate level of balance challenge for your body.)

2.    It uses your WHOLE BODY.

In Pilates, we don’t think of our exercises as specific “ab” exercises, “arm” exercises, or “glute” exercises, though your abs, arms, and glutes sure will get a workout! We work from the Powerhouse (aka “the core” or the center of your body) to stabilize ourselves, then we move our other body parts. The whole body supports each movement.

3.    It also works your BRAIN.

Pilates is like multitasking for your body. It demands great focus—if you zone out, you’ll probably fail at the exercise you’re performing.

4.    It improves your POSTURE.

What’s the first change our clients usually experience? Friends and family tell them they are standing taller and looking more confident. Who doesn't want great posture?

5.    It increases BREATH capacity.

The breath powers and supports each movement, it’s not an afterthought or an accessory. Not all teachers will teach the same breath patterns for particular exercises, but we can all agree that the breath is vital to the movement.


We perform a reasonable number or repetitions of each exercise—usually between 5 and 10. But we do it with the best possible form and clear intention. Then we move on to something new!

7.    It has brilliant EQUIPMENT.

Spring-based resistance is the concept behind the Pilates apparatus. The Reformer, the Trapeze Table, and the Wunda Chair are just a few of Joseph Pilates’ unique inventions.

8.    It has helped countless people STAY OUT OF PAIN.

Let’s be clear: Pilates is not the same as medical treatment, and most teachers are not medical professionals. BUT…by developing proper movement technique, Pilates retrains the entire body to work more efficiently, helping you to enjoy daily activities and sports with greater ease and less chance of injury. If you’re injured: first get treated by doctors and get permission before starting or resuming your Pilates practice.

9.    It’s EMPOWERING.

The Pilates Mat exercises can be done almost anywhere, with little to no equipment needed. When you can’t get to the studio, you can improve your Pilates practice on your own time, in your own space.

The Pilates method is a great way to strengthen and energize the body and the mind. Basically, it helps your body to do everything you already do...better. 

10. It’s FUN! 

 Need we say more? We'll see you on the mat! (Or the reformer...or the Cadillac...or the Foot get the idea. )


“Contrology [aka Pilates] develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”
-Joseph Pilates


Krista Knudsen Thomas